03 May 2008

Valued friends

Today I caught up with my awesome friend S and her beautiful family. S introduced me to my beloved online attachment parenting community when Little C was a baby. Before then I didn't know that the way I instinctively parented had a name. Three years later I am still involved in the same online community, and although S isn't any longer because she's a time-challenged high-flying legal superstar, she is still the lovely AP mummy I met when our Littles were teeny.

I have never known Little C to get along so well with another child as he does with S's son, Little A. Three year old boys are often known for their aggressiveness but these two play so beautifully together, obviously on the same wavelength, just like their mums. They see each other only a few times a year but each time they get together it's like no time has passed. S and I feel the same way. We can have little contact for 6 months then get together and talk non-stop, and with such honesty, for hours on end.

Thanks S, M and A for a wonderful day!


Sherrin said...

ooh! you have a blog! :o) You know, 'rhubarb rhubarb' is the name of my favourite organic fruit and veg shop!!
-from a fellow rhubarb lover!! ;o)

Mary said...

haha, you found me! :) nearly fell off my chair when i saw i had a comment LOL

Sherrin said...

hehehe - I have a thingy on the side of my blog which shows visit origins... I found my SIL through that too ;o)

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