14 May 2008


The mattress on our big bed (QS) has been on its way out for a while now. The springs all down one side have collapsed and it's kind of funky to lie on, and every now and then we hear a muffled sort of clang when another spring bites the dust.

We also need to arrange things bedwise for the Littles' room. At the moment Little V and Little C both go to sleep in the big bed, then we move Little C into his single bed in the Littles' room when we go to bed. If Little C wakes during the night, which he usually does, he comes and gets ANM from the big bed and they spend the rest of the night together in the single and Little V and I spread out on the big bed.

What I would like to do is get two new big beds, one for our room and one for the Littles' room, so we can bed-hop to our hearts' content without getting too squishy. ANM is more keen on making a low bunk-type arrangement for the Littles, incorporating Little C's current low single futon as the bottom bunk. I think this is a fab idea for when the boys are older but have visions of very small people leaping from bunk to floor, which I'd rather not encourage just yet.

Hmmm, much to contemplate.


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