13 September 2008

T-shirt weather

I wore a t-shirt today.  All day.  It's 8:30pm and I'm still not wearing a jumper.  All the clothes dried on the washing line.  We went to a BBQ with friends and family and the all kids played outside in the water.  Bliss!

It wasn't until my dark period of antenatal depression last year that I realised just how much the weather affects my mood.  Give me a warm, sunny day and you'll get a warm, sunny personality (bwahaha).  If it's cold, wet and gloomy outside I have a much harder time being happy.  I don't think I could handle a winter living somewhere in the world where cold and dark last for months. 

Done the GDUNH?

The Great Down Under Nappy Hunt is on again this month. It's a huge online treasure hunt with some fabbo cloth nappy related (mostly) prizes. After two days and 80 icons I've gone slightly batty but have qualified for the grand prize. I might return and try to qualify for the extreme prizes later in the month, but 80 will do for now methinks. My brain is sore.

The WAHMs who have sponsored the hunt run some amazing stores with gorgeous products. Many are offering discounts to hunters during hunt month so if you are pregnant, have small kiddies or are in the market for cloth menstrual pads, etc, it's well worth signing up (you get a special discount code when you register) and having a browse. There is some great stuff out there. A couple of my lovely Rollicking Rascals WAHMs are sponsoring the hunt so go check it out and have some fun.

09 September 2008

Biofart online

Yesterday ANM mentioned something specific about Mr T's bio father that I was sure I hadn't told him because it was news to me.  Seeing as none of us have had any contact with Biofart for over a year I asked him how he knew.  ANM said he Googled him.  Cool, fine, okay!  So, being a curious lass, I set Google to work this morning to see what I could see.  It didn't take long.  I found a couple of blogs and a bunch of photos and a few other bits and pieces.  Nothing mindblowingly interesting, but it was kind of weird seeing photos of Mr T's little half brother who he's never met.  

Anyway, it occurred to me that maybe what I was doing fell within the definition of stalking.  As much as I felt like replying to some of his ridiculous blog posts, I would never actually do it, so I guess he'll never know I peeked into his life, except if he has already stalked me of course, and is reading this right now.  I think I feel a bit ick for having looked into his life.  I have no desire to read any more.


02 September 2008

Poor little tooth grower

Little V (almost 8 months old) is getting his top front teeth. They are at that painful-looking almost ready to break through the skin of his gum stage and he has been miserable for the last three days and nights. His first bottom tooth came through when he was five months old and he was miserable then too, with high temps and much drama. The second one was the same deal a few weeks later. I don't remember teething being such a huge event for Mr T and Little C. I know Little C was uncomfortable for a short while when his first teeth popped through but I barely noticed the eruption of any of the others.

Poor little bub. Hurry up teeth!

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