13 September 2008

Done the GDUNH?

The Great Down Under Nappy Hunt is on again this month. It's a huge online treasure hunt with some fabbo cloth nappy related (mostly) prizes. After two days and 80 icons I've gone slightly batty but have qualified for the grand prize. I might return and try to qualify for the extreme prizes later in the month, but 80 will do for now methinks. My brain is sore.

The WAHMs who have sponsored the hunt run some amazing stores with gorgeous products. Many are offering discounts to hunters during hunt month so if you are pregnant, have small kiddies or are in the market for cloth menstrual pads, etc, it's well worth signing up (you get a special discount code when you register) and having a browse. There is some great stuff out there. A couple of my lovely Rollicking Rascals WAHMs are sponsoring the hunt so go check it out and have some fun.


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