27 January 2009

Filling in the blank months

Holey moley (or moly?) I've missed blogging but y'know life takes over sometimes... Waah, two whole months of not blogging leave me with so much to say, but no idea where to start. Here's a brief synopsis of the most exciting bits.


Christmas preparations and Christmas (duh). This was of course Little V's first Christmas and Little C's first totally-obsessed-with-Santa Christmas. I don't know how many times we went and visited Santas at the mall, but by Christmas time they knew us quite well and one in particular seemed to enjoy making me sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with him in front of all the other parents and kiddies. 

We had a great Christmas. A trampoline was erected (jeez, I'm old and I still snigger at that word), family was loved, presents were given and received and good food was ingested with gusto. At one stage there was a little too much gusto involved in V's ingestion resulting in a very scary blue baby moment.  The offending piece of food was eventually extracted from the wee one's trachea and Little V quickly returned to his usual pinkness, with a post-choke breastfeed to comfort the teary boy (and freaked mum).


Little V turned one. Woohoo! He made it. I don't know why one is such a big milestone these days when infant mortality is so low, yet I still breathed a sigh of relief that we'd made it through his first year with everyone still alive and relatively sane.

I had a weird health crisis that remains unexplained after almost 3 weeks of tests. Apparently it's not a stroke or a TIA or a migraine or multiple sclerosis or a brain tumor or any one of a heap of other things I've been tested for, but what it is remains a mystery. Ah well... I've done enough stressing about it now, so I'm just going to concentrate my energy on getting better. Any spare healing vibes would be much appreciated.

Oh yeah, I turned 34 last week. ANM bought me a cool necklace off Etsy. Yep, my husband actually registered an Etsy account just so he could buy it for me. Love him. 'Tis steampunk in theme, which reminds me I've been meaning to watch Steamboy for aaages. Mmm, will go and do that now, I think...

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