10 May 2008

Red hurty

Little C calls anything that bleeds or looks like it might bleed a "red hurty". This afternoon before dinner he was in a particularly shenaniganish mood and headbutted my leg in a bizarre way, nastily tearing the frenulum, that little thin bit of skin-stuff, between his upper lip and gum. Eeeeooooooowwwwwww.

Little C is a very robust fellow and it takes a large amount of pain to make him cry. He held it together pretty well considering the decent volume of blood accumulating in his mouth and how much it must have hurt. ANM and I contemplated taking him to an after hours doctor or to emergency but decided against it in the end, figuring that any treatment would most likely be far more traumatic for Little C (who is not a fan of doctors) than letting it heal naturally. Dr Google concurred, assuring us that unless torn extremely badly mouth frenula heal very quickly without treatment.

Little C was in pain. We had some kiddie Panadol in the drugs box and managed to get some into him in a sippy cup mixed with with rice milk. He'd never had it before and thought it tasted yummo. I think this was the first occasion ever in which any of my kids had willingly ingested any sort of liquid medicine. Woohoo! We then phoned Grandma and she read her ancient copy of Ant and Bee and the Doctor (featuring "nice medicine") on speakerphone to Little C.

I wasn't sure how he'd cope with eating dinner but the Panadol must have worked because he managed to guzzle a pile of chicken and a spoonful of polenta, then fell asleep in front of the telly. Poor little guy.


Juniper said...

DD did hers (but the bottom one) a few years back - lots of blood, but otherwise fine.

But the real co-incidence is the "Ant and Bee" book! I *just* got my old "Ant and Bee" book back from my mum *last week* - it was my favourite as a child, and it brought back *so* many memories! I can't believe I know someone else who has one of these books - I assumed it was a USA thing at the very least LOL!

Hugs, hope he feels better soon! What a lovely Nana you have!

Mary said...

Oh, I just love Ant and Bee books. My mum has 6 or 7 from when we were kids and they get a workout very time we visit. Ant and Bee and the Rainbow is another huge favourite. I don't know of anyone else who had them either.

Nalin said...

Oh wow, poor C! So brave!
But my heart just melted that his grandma read him a story on speakerphone, that is just so beautiful! Wow! My heart is still doing little flip flops just thinking about it. Hope he's all better now.

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