28 May 2008


ANM had to start work at 8 this morning so I used the driving-him-to-work opportunity to go to the shops early to see if the mag was there yet. I went into Coles but they still had the last issue on the shelves, so I headed over to the newsagent and IT WAS THERE. The teaser on the cover read:

"My baby used a potty from birth" Meet Australia's true Earth Mother (complete with capital E and capital M)

So I started giggling... but managed to almost hold myself together while I paid for it. I think the poor girl behind the counter wondered what was wrong with me.

Anyway, they used my words (albeit cut/edited... which was needed) and gave me the writing credit. I'm happy with it.

Now to wait for the reactions!!


HipbubbyMama said...

Cool! I Cant wait to read it. I think you should change your blog name to "Australia's TRUE Earth Mother"!! ;-)

Leah said...

Can just imagine the giggling over being a True Earth Mother (tm) LOL

Looking forward to having a squizz :)

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