06 May 2008

Baby sleep

How many sleeps does he have?
I have no idea. Three to six per day I guess. I don't really take any notice. He sleeps when he's tired and wakes up when he wakes up. Sometimes it's nice if he sleeps for a few hours so I can get some stuff done, but if it doesn't get done it doesn't get done.

Does he sleep well at night?
Simple answer is yes. He often wakes a few times for a feed. I don't know how many times and I don't look at the clock. What does it matter? He's awake and needs feeding, so I feed him then we both fall asleep again. I love being able to meet his needs, day and night.

I don't understand this fixation our society has on when, where and how often babies sleep, and how long they sleep for. Let us just enjoy the loveliness of our cute little people, without judging them on something that is beyond their control.


Sherrin said...

cute!! what a sweet little dude!!

Laura said...

Uh, I guess sleep matters to some people. Like me.

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