15 May 2008

Lost me

Today at playgroup Little C had a moment when he thought I'd left without him. It was at the end when everyone was making a beeline for the door. Little C must have realised everyone was leaving, done a quick scout around the room without seeing me and panicked. He raced out the front, bawling, squeezing through all the other mums to emerge out in the carpark. I could see what was happening through the triple glass doors but all these women were pushing in front of me, squeezing through the doors with their humungous prams and I couldn't get to him. I was calling out to him but he couldn't hear me through all the glass and prams and mums and kids. Eventually a couple of people emerged out of their self-absorbed huge-pramness to ask who the poor, distraught "little girl" belonged to and I was let through the pack to claim him. If I hadn't been in amongst a gazillion people I probably would have cried with him.


Nalin said...

Oh I have horrible memories of that happening to me as a kid, at a crowded market. I was so upset, such a terrible feeling. Poor little one. And poor you!

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