04 May 2008

Childhood obsessions

Little C has quite an obsession with helmets, especially helmets with visors. When we see a motorbike, he doesn't say "Look Mum, a motorbike". He says "Look Mum, a visor with a helmet". Cute but weird. He has a little Lego astronaut with helmet and visor that he carries everywhere. Occasionally the visor falls off. Guess who gets to look for it...

Mr T is the king of obsessions, so much so that I have been deeply worried about him on more than one occasion. He seems to obsess both about things he loves and things he fears, to the point of driving everyone around him nuts with the intensity of it all. I don't know that I have dealt with his obsessions very sensitively over the years but I hope that is ability to focus unwaveringly on one thing for an insane length of time will stand him in good stead in whatever career he chooses.

I remember only one obsession I had as a child. When I was about 9 I just had to have a Cabbage Patch Kid. My parents refused to buy me one so I saved and saved and when I'd eventually accumulated enough of a fortune to buy one, I spent hours searching the shops with my poor mother for the perfect CPK. Once I had my CPK he was the bees knees and I played with him and played with him and played with him for hours on end, for months... perhaps even years. His name was Quen and the poor little dude is still around somewhere, probably stuck in a box in my parents' garage.


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