14 March 2009

The unhaunting

We've lived in our house for five and a half years but it has never felt like ours. I've felt more at home in rental places that I've lived in for twelve months than in this house. One room in particular in our house has always felt... creepy. ANM and I have both had very strange dreams and odd feelings in that room and Little C has spoken of a man in his room (yes, it's his bedroom) in the middle of the night. Locked doors in our house have regularly opened and closed at random. It's a little freaky when you're minding your own business and the dead bolted front door suddenly swings open, or the back door bangs closed on a windless day.

Skip to the point...

A couple of weeks ago some people who happen to be mediums and mediums in training came to our house. None of them had been here before but some of them knew that slightly odd things tended to occur here. They immediately picked up on a presence, and not knowing the layout of the house, went straight to Little C's room. Yes, there was a ghost residing in our house and Little C's room was also his room. He was an unhappy fellow and had been here for a long time.  He had lived here before his early death at the age of 36. My visitors were able to provide many details about his life... and death, many of which I've since been able to confirm with my neighbour who new this fellow when he was alive.

This man/spirit/ghost didn't want to leave our house (his house) and initially felt quite threatened by my visitors. Eventually they were able to calm him down and convince him that it was okay to go and we sent him off to the light with love. Yup, just like in the Ghost Whisperer ('cept I couldn't see him... they could though). The poor fellow had been stuck here, worried about judgement for things he had done while alive. Now he is at peace, and so at last are we. 

The house finally feels like it is ours. It has taken me a couple of weeks to get used to the new vibe, or lack of vibe, but I think I like it! It's much lighter and happier here now. 


Nalin said...

Oh. My. God.

How spooky! I can't believe you had doors opening and shutting like that. I would've run for the hills!

VERY glad (and impressed) that you sent the feller on his way to a better place. And that you feel like you have a 'home'. Homes are important.

Welcome back to blogging.

Leah said...

oh my!!! i am so glad it has helped - i dont think i could quite cope myself, too scared of that stuff!

Mary said...

Oh, I was well spooked!! The most scary thing was when they all went home and left us alone in our newly "silent" house. I didn't sleep that night... or for a few nights afterwards.

I'm feeling okay with it all now and I think the experience has opened up a whole new world of awareness for me. So I'm not nearly as scared of ghosts any more, because I know they are just people too, yk?

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