17 March 2009

Alan Rickman - celebrity crush

I love Alan Rickman. There, I've said it.

"Who?" I hear you ask. No, not some young muscley guy with scarily perfect whiter than white teeth. You might know him as The Metatron in Dogma or Severus Snape from the Harry Potter movies or that old guy in Love Actually. Yeah he's older than both my parents. Is that ewww? Probably.

I developed my crush after I saw Truly Madly Deeply when I was um, about 16. Oh, his voice! It's just so luscious. Mmmm.  And that movie was the first love story I fell in love with.

Aaah, Alan.

The Metatron in Dogma

... and I think I've just shared a little too much.


Nic said...

Oh and was he in Sense and Sensibility too ?

Mary said...


Sazz said...

You are sooo not alone there. I know many a woman whose thighs begin to tremble and the deep earth-trembling tones of Alan Rickman's all-man voice! The voice of God, indeed!

Spiralmumma said...

Oh yeah I get it. Severus Snape is attractively, seductively evil.

BTW-the word verification code I have to enter is 'amish' which I find amusingly ironic somehow.

Tomlinson's said...

I am with you! He is gorgeous, that voice, OMG, yum yum. I think I fell in love with him watching Love Actually....that voice..

AlanRickmanLover said...

Believe me, I understand COMPLETELY. I have a life sized poster of him in my room :)

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