15 March 2009

ibreastfed.com, the Great Cloth Nappy Hunt and prizes galore

The Great Cloth Nappy Hunt is on again this month and ibreastfed.com is sponsoring. How does the GCNH work? You register for free here, then until the end of March you visit participating sponsor sites (including ibreastfed.com of course!) to hunt for the Diaper Decisions nappy icon to earn entries into the 89 random prize drawings, including three grand prizes worth over $500 each! 

As I don't sell any products on ibreastfed.com, EcoToys has kindly donated a super cute and cuddly organic cotton cow toy to the Nappy Hunt prize pool on behalf of ibreastfed.com. Visit EcoToys to check out their wonderful range of safe and environmentally friendly wooden and organic cotton toys.

AND if you publish your inspirational breastfeeding story on ibreastfed.com during March 2009 you will enter the draw to win this beautiful Baltic amber teething necklace donated by Selkie Designs. The necklace prize draw is open to anyone, anywhere. You don't need to sign up for the Nappy Hunt for this prize draw. Click here for details.

Little V has one of these necklaces and I've noticed that the days I forget to put it on him he is less of a happy chappy than on the days he wears it. Amber is believed to have pain-relieving properties and my poor little mite is currently getting his four canines and his first set of molars all at once. 

Wanna play? Visit ibreastfed.com today to find out more and join in the fun.


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