20 March 2009

All alone with my PMS

ANM is out with his friends tonight. He doesn't go out at night very often, and even then it's usually when there is some crisis at his work that needs sorting. I think last time I blogged about him being out at night I got all productive and made muffins, but I really can't be stuffed tonight. I did get some nice yogurt on special today, so might go and scoff some of that instead.

So yes, it seems I have PMS from hell this month. It crept up on me and I turned into nightmare mother/wife all of a sudden a few days ago and gave everyone, including myself, a bit of a fright. Maybe I need to research some herbal somethingorothers to deal with this because I certainly don't fancy going through it on a regular basis. Surely women weren't designed to be hormonal fruitcakes for one out of every four weeks for their entire childbearing years? That would just be crappy design, surely... I wonder if only Western women get it?

Anyway, I'm off to eat my vanilla blueberry yogurt in peace. Hopefully I'll be feeling more sane (and eloquent) tomorrow.


Nalin said...

Oh man, PMS is the absolute pits! I get it, worse and worse with age it seems. According to chinese medicine it is a sign of hormonal imbalance, and not something we just have to 'put up with'. I know a friend who took herbs diagnosed by a naturopath I think, and she said it did wonders. I need to do something like that too, I think. It's awful when you see and hear yourself acting in ways that make you step back and go "Woah! That was full on, and geeez I wish I could take it all back." Hugs, don't beat yourself up. Hope you feel better soon.

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