16 March 2009

Preschool boy

I've just realised that I never blogged about Little C starting preschool.  Well, I suppose there's not really much to say except he started preschool and is loving it, so instead of blahing on I'll spam you with some photos of the boy on his first day.

Air guitar - the preferred pose for all photos

Standing "very still"

Pretending to be interested in something up in the sky while trying not to laugh at the strange woman insisting on taking a gazillion photos.


Sazz said...

OMG what a little spunk! LOVE the air guitar shot lol!

Nic said...

Oh gorgeou !

Spiralmumma said...

Gorgeous! How quickly they grow up huh?

Mary said...

Yeah, I think he's pretty darn cute, although he gets all cross if he hears me say that. "I'm not cute, I'm BIG!"

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