18 August 2008

Forgotten anniversary

Bad, bad husband, you might be thinking, but no, it was me... again! My brain doesn't appear to have the capacity to remember the date we got hitched. I know we were married in August a few years ago, but ask me the exact date or year and you'll more often than not get an embarrassed mumble.

Anyway, it turns out that yesterday was our five year wedding anniversary. ANM didn't actually remember until this morning, so I don't feel quite so bad, but I probably should make an effort to remember such things, or at least put them on the calendar. I suppose the forgetting sums up my feelings towards our legal union. Yes, we wanted to make our relationship formal, but the actual legal marriage thing didn't change anything in our relationship, and wasn't a huge event with dresses and bridesmaids and all that stuff, so the date doesn't seem to want to stick in my head.

But our first date... that one I remember! May 19, 2001... Ah, memries. :)


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