15 August 2008

The boy has weaned... I think

After 3 years and 9 months I think Little C has weaned. Of his own accord his breastfeeds have become less and less frequent over recent months. His last gap between breastfeeds was 6 weeks and he tells me he's a big boy now... so I think we're done.

This was his first feed, still slimy from birth:

and this was his 2nd last feed... in June this year:

And while I'm all teary and reminiscing I thought I'd post this little thing I wrote on Alternative Baby back on Little C's 1st birthday:

And the winner is...

Wooohooo, Little C turned 1 today and still boobing happily many times a day
(and night). :D :D :D

I've made it this far. Things were looking bad at around 5 months when my misinformed doctors were trying to convince me to wean him because of his numerous allergies and intolerances. They made me feel guilty for wanting to continue to breastfeed him (I was the cause of his pain).

In true Arias fashion, I have a few thank yous:

To Dr Jack Newman, breastfeeding guru extraordinaire. 'Twas Dr Jack who in the end convinced me that breastmilk really is best for my baby and gave me the scientific evidence to back it up (and shove under the noses of my unsupportive docs, much to their disgust, hehe). Thanks Dr Jack. You are a legend.

To my lovely naturopath, Georgie, who not only cured Little C's reflux within 3 days of first seeing him, but has put so much effort into sorting out my not-very-well system and helping me come to terms with some fairly full-on emotional issues from my past. Thanks so much Georgie.

To my darling husband, who has supported me 100% percent through all the hellish stuff.

To my mum, who refused to believe that any formula would be better for Little C than my breastmilk, and kept telling me so.

And a HUMUNGOUS thank you to all on AB who were so supportive at my lowest times. I really appreciate all the encouragement I have received here. This is the only safe place I have found on the net where I don't have to apologise for wanting to breastfeed my baby or parent my children gently. You are all ace. :D :D :D

Thanks again to you all, and thanks also to Little V for being a fabbo tandem feeder for the last 7 months.

And of course, cuddles and kisses always for my Little C, who is now so big and strong and healthy and wonderful.


Sister Suffragette! said...

Wow. That's so beautiful Mary.

Congratulations on this bittersweet achievement.

you done good.

Mary said...

Aw, thanks Chrissy. :)

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