25 August 2008


While I was a-browsing the USPS website, as you do when you should be cleaning the kitchen/doing washing/playing with the kids I happened across the list of items which cannot be mailed to Australia. It was all fairly obvious stuff like precious stones, firearms silencers, etc, but this jumped out at me:

Goods bearing the name “Anzac.”

Off to Google I went and discovered that

Various restrictions on the use of the word 'Anzac' have been in place since 1 July 1916 and the importation of goods bearing this word have been prohibited by regulation since 1934. (ref here)

In 2002 the regulations were amended to allow for

the personal importation of goods bearing the word 'Anzac'. The importation of such goods that are for commercial use or otherwise significant must have a permit and will be examined to ascertain whether the goods are appropriate and do not offend against the Anzac spirit. (ref here)

Wow! I knew the word Anzac was highly significant in Australian history but I had no idea there were regulations governing its usage.


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