24 November 2008

The gate, the kitchen and the dare

Here ya go Sif!  Isn't it beautiful?

And because I couldn't be stuffed tidying up the kitchen before I took the photo, I'll treat you with and additional annotated pic of our kitchen mess.

Clockwise(ish) from left:
  • A mostly chewed (by Little V) grape on a crummy plate, as in a plate with crumbs on it, probably from someone's breakfast, sitting next to a plastic bag containing the stalk of the grapes and a few grape dregs
  • An opened packet of biscuits and 2 dirty tea mugs from when my Dad came over a couple of hours ago
  • The deep fryer.  I have no idea why it's sitting there
  • A used glass and plate (probably from my lunch) and a bottle of dishwashing liquid
  • A very grubby gas cooker with some very grubby dishes on it
  • Knives, jug and cleaning spray (no, I don't Enjo)
  • The sink with more dirty dishes, wine glasses etc...
  • Very brown cupboards
  • Some vases, a dirty tissue and a coffee machine we've borrowed from my inlaws
  • A plastic bag full of something on the floor
  • The dishwasher (full of clean dishes because I haven't emptied it yet), microwave and dirty teatowel
  • The fridge, which is looking quite uncluttered except for a funky magnet my friend gave me a couple of weeks ago that says "she was the life of the tupperware party", some family photos and magnets to stick them up, a few other magnets (gotta have a Darth Vader magnet on yr fridge!), the kitchen timer and a laminated Little C with removable/posable arms and legs from the "pin the limbs on the C" game we played at his birthday party.
Do you dare to show off your as-is kitchen pics too? Yes, you do!
Is this a lame-o attempt at a meme? Yes, it is!
So if you're reading this, take a picture of your kitchen as it is right now and post it on your blog. Surely I'm not the only person with a bit o' kitchen mess.

...okay I'm going to clean it now before ANM gets home from work...


Sif said...

I dare...

Have just taken my pic, will endeavour to upload and annotate it in a minute...

Meanwhile, great gate! What brand - I know someone who wants one like it!

Spiralmumma said...

I'd post a pic of my kitchen-but I've been doing assignments flat out for a week and done zero cleaning. I honestly think it would shock too many people!

Lets just say my kitchen mess resembles yours on a good day ;-)

Mary said...

Looking forward to seeing it Sif. :)

LOL Jayne, I don't think you'd shock me!!

Sif, the brand is Lindam. It's mostly metal and we used only 4 out of the 6 panels. It also came with a soft hexagonal mat for when it's used as a playpen, and 2 wall brackets. Here's the blurb from the manufacturer: http://www.lindam.com/store/pen.html

Pagan Rach said...

Hmm, I'd take a picture of my kitchen but my camera batteries and just about dead...

Rach said...

Hello! Your meme is making the rounds - Leah dared me! Have left the link in my name up there :)

jeanie said...

Through Kate at Picklebums I have found your dare - and I am doing so...

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