15 October 2008


What would you do if your government suddenly decided you give you $3000, for um, happening to have 3 kids?  It's something to do with the global financial meltdown and I don't even pretend to understand why giving us this money will help with the crisis, but anyway, yes, we're getting 3K before Christmas, for real!  Ethics aside, I'm excited.  This means we'll finally be able to enclose our front courtyard and carport so the Littles can play safely while I hang out the washing and do other exciting outsidey type things. Squeee!!


Susie said...

3K? I think I would catch up on some of our bills, and get a new windshield for the car, and a small vaccum! Yay for money!

Mary said...

Well I must admit we may need to do some bill paying too. :)

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