17 June 2008

Passion riddle

I've managed to reinvent my blog and get rid of the bizarro formatting problem... for now... I think... so I'm back. (Ya think I used enough of those dots?)

While I've been absent I've been contemplating the randomness of my blog, thinking perhaps it should have a theme. I look at Sherrin's crafty, creative blog and Sister Suffragette's delicious, foody blog and Dawn's wet-pants-laughing parenting blog and and and I wonder what my passion is, or even what I'm good at.

It bothers me sometimes that I can't think of anything that I'm truly passionate about. There are things I like, things that are important to me and things I enjoy dabbling in, but passion is something I don't seem to have. Does that mean I'm really boring and unfocused? I guess I'm someone who knows a little bit about a lot of things, not a lot about a select few things. Is that bad? Does it mean I'll float along in life doing nothing particularly worthwhile or interesting because I can't be bothered putting in the effort to be passionate about anything? Aaargh, I've gone all angsty again. Okay, enough! *SLAP*

So, I've decided my task in the next few weeks is to explore a possible hobby. I have something in mind.

Anyone want to play a guessing game? Here's a liddle riddle to start you off.

Eighteen forty-two was the year of my birth
New system so simple and cheap
Light is the key
Russian with a P
Under shade, I am bright
In developing excitement
The inverse is true
Blue herrings splash in the lake

For those of you who read my blog but haven't yet got around to commenting, c'mon!


Mary said...

So... almost 24 hours and no-one has taken up the challenge... too hard, eh?

Nalin said...

Isn't it annoying when you KNOW people are reading it but not commenting? I'm very much a commenter myself! LOVE the new look blog by the way, verrry pretty!

With regards to passions, I don't know if you can put the effort into them, I think they just happen, and if you're between passions, then that's OK, one will come along when it's the right time. And anyway, you're parenting three boys, you get off the hook for having all consuming passions.

Mary said...

I like to comment too! Yes, I thought it was time for a new look. I get bored easily. :P

You're right of course Nalin. I can't force a passion. There are a heap of things I'd love to get seriously into when time and money aren't so tied up in kid-raising stuff. Meanwhile, I'll have to satisfy myself with a very part time hobby or two.

Sister Suffragette! said...

You're a pretty amazing inspiratonal woman yourself Mary. Even though I doi the food- I too wonder what my passion is LOL...

And yep- I love people who comment on blogs :P :D. Sorry not to have done so earlier- I was rushed blah blah blah....

Martha said...

I first thought of photography but a couple of googles later decided on cyanotype, which would appeal to your tech/creativity. If so, I look forward to seeing your beautiful pictures.

Mumma T said...

I love your blog, it looks great now!!

I am not very clever at riddles. Thankyou for your post on my blog, that meant a lot and made me very happy :)
As for passions, it is hard to find what that thing is. I wonder if all of the things I have done have been passions or not, but then I seem to be driven mad by a plane flying over, someone riding a horse or someone out surfing.
Follow your heart and you will find something.

Mary said...

Aww, thanks all for the nice new bloggy look comments, although credit goes to Sharnee @ suckmylolly.com for creating such awesome free templates. It was very hard to choose between them all and once I finally did, very easy to implement.

Ja, Martha, you are correct. :) Nice detective work! Also called "blueprinting" for those not in the know. I'm looking forward to having much fun and possibly turning myself very blue.

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