10 November 2008

Jazzing up twenny bucks

Mr T has been to a few birthday parties lately and it seems the done thing within nerdy 13 year old boy circles is to give money on such occasions.  This is absolutely fine by me.  I'm happy to avoid the stress of trying to find a perfect yet affordable gift for a kid I barely know.  

Simply giving $20 in a card is a little boring though, so this is what I came up with for the most recent birthday boy:

For those of you who aren't familiar with Australian coinage the coin is five cents.  The idea was for the birthday boy to think Mr T was giving him 5c for his birthday then as he pulled the coin out of the pocket, voila! he found $20 stuck to the back.

All the kids at the party thought it was hilarious!

I'm such a dag... but a creative one, huh?


Pagan Rach said...

Hehe, that's cool.

Juniper said...

oooh, our 11.5yr old and his friends give the same present LOL! we aren't nearly as creative - shall have to try this in the future

Nalin said...

Oh, that's good. Shall remember that one. And if a bunch of 13 year olds think yr funny, then you are cooler than cool.

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